Resources for Buyers

The best “deal” is not measured by a purchase multiple. It’s what your purchase is worth five to seven years later.

W.B. Grimes & Company works with clients on a long term basis to build their business through acquisitions. Our in-depth industry knowledge allows us to quickly formulate strategic plans, identify potential acquisition targets within specific parameters, initiate transaction discussions, conduct thorough due diligence and negotiate acceptable terms . It’s like having an M&A team in-house.

We can support your acquisition objectives in any capacity, from locating strategic and multiple acquisition targets to more expanded roles as facilitators, negotiators and full-service intermediaries. We can open those doors that might appear closed while providing a comprehensive package of market and operations analysis, due diligence and deal making support.

Our buy side advisory practice is tailored to the needs of both focused corporate and financial buyers. On an exclusive basis W.B. Grimes & Company is available to conduct focused searches on behalf of clients. Our breadth of services includes:

  • strategy conceptualization
  • prospect identification and solicitation
  • comprehensive due diligence coordination and analysis
  • document review
  • deal negotiation

Whether your objective is industry consolidation or vertical – horizontal expansion, W.B. Grimes & Company has the skills to assist in the realization of your objectives.