Regional Offices

W.B. Grimes & Company maintains full service offices throughout the country. Having regional associates within an easy commuting distance is particularly helpful for our newspaper and broadcast clients. The regionalized approach allows us to better keep a pulse on local economies, demographics and activity within given markets, spotting trends, monitoring competition while tracking all the movers and shakers within that region.


Newspaper Sales-Acquisitions-Appraisals
Corporate — Larry Grimes
Northeast/New England — John Szefc
National Accounts/Midwest — Ken Blum
Southeast/South/Mid-Atlantic — Dave Slavin
South — Lewis Floyd
Midwest/Plains — Julie Bergman
Southwest — Gary Borders
Western/Mtn/Southwest — Ken Amundson
Canada — Gord Carley
Senior Advisor — Joseph Bella

Digital/B2B and B2C Magazines/Conferences & Expositions
Larry Grimes
John McGovern
Canada — Gord Carley

Broadcast Consulting
Brad Murray
Larry Grimes