Global Media Events & Information Services For Sale

Global Media Events & Information Services For Sale

Buyers Looking: Grimes, McGovern & Associates has buyers looking for tradeshows, conferences and events in any category in any country. Contact John McGovern CEO & Owner (212) 255-9700, ;

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Leading Event in the hottest home technology category

Industry: Home Technology/Developers

Type: Acquisition

A collection of developer and business development focused events/conferences for sale in one of the fastest growing tech categories in the world. Clients are of the vaunted FAANG group including Google, Amazon and Netflix. Strong connection to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and VR/AR. The flagship event brings developers together with industry leaders to network and learn about the latest opportunities in this high growth space. Fantastic opportunity to acquire this leader in its field with unlimited opportunities to growth via topic and geographically. Contact John McGovern at (917 881 6563) or for all the details.

Market Leading B2B Brand Consumer Products

Industry: Consumer Products

Type: Acquisition

A well established, Canadian market-leading niche information source is now for sale. It has a print brand, a strong digital presence and newsletter, and also a unique retail income source. Projected Revenue for 2018 is over $840,000 with an adjusted profit of just over $208,000. This acquisition opportunity has many growth opportunities and its unique approaches could be applicable to other brands. Contact John McGovern at (917 881 6563) or for all the details.

Business Services

The largest warranty and service contract conference in the world

Industry:  Warranty and Service Contracts

Type: Acquisition

The premier annual conference/event for warranty professionals and executives who meet and discuss warranty-related issues and develop warranty management as a recognized discipline including assurances, covenants.  The annual conference continues to deliver growing EBITDA that now exceeds well over 50%.  Average registration fee exceeds $1,500 with ties into fortune 100 and 500 companies in Automotive, Home Technology, Appliances, etc. who attend annually and start at the CEO level.  Great opportunity to acquire this conference produces that provides 3 parallel tracks, over 50 speakers and dozens of panels.  Primed for International expansion.  Contact Jeff Gruenhut at  or (404) 849-4156.


Leading Media and Events Business in Gourmet Food

Industry: Specialty Gourmet/Artisanal Foods

Type: Acquisition

Special interest print, digital and conference business, blending consumer and trade audience in the high-end artisanal food business for sale.

This ten year old first-mover and category leading brand has had growth with solid EBITDA and no debt.   Established and profitable, seller has a well strategized plan for growth that can become a template for other existing or new artisanal food and wine and other beverage media brands.  Compelling opportunity for any media company that wants to reach a higher end, influential audience and consumer.  Will fit well with any specialty food or beverage portfolio.

Company also runs an active website that acts as a hub for enthusiasts in the market with daily updates, recipes, unique profiles and industry matching.  Advertising revenue increased in 2017 and 2018 is on track to match or beat last year.  10+ year history with expert editors and a loyal audience following.  Excellent opportunity to acquire this growing event business with 7 events planned for 2019!

To receive additional details regarding this opportunity please contact Jeff Gruenhut at or  (404) 849-4156.


Oil/Gas Refining Market: Events, Training and Consulting

Industry: Refining

Type: Acquisition

A well developed, global, growing, profitable training, consulting and event company serving a unique segment of the oil and gas industry. Created a unique business model in the crossroads of media, marketing, conferences, networking, and technology consulting. Includes a collection of global industry conferences held annually in North America, South America and Europe. Recently expanded the business into Asia. All three arms of the business (Conferences, Training and Consulting) achieved double digit growth in 2018. The conference series brings industry experts together for thought leadership, training, consulting, networking and engagement opportunities. The founders are industry veterans who have worked together for over 15 years (fact check). Unique opportunity to acquire this experienced organization in a niche market, with international growth opportunities. For more information contact Marlon Wurmitzer at +1 (416) 876 – 6761 or

High-Margin, High-Growth Event business in top Oil & Gas Category

Industry: Oil & Gas

Type: Acquisition

A highly profitable oil & gas industry conference and media organization focused on the Fracking Market with revenue growth of 65% and Adjusted EBITDA margin of 53%.

Includes a collection of three industry and business development-focused conferences which include direct partnerships with top industry players. Recently expanded the business to include a series of monthly webinars and a newsletter. Includes three conferences based in the United States. The conference series brings industry experts together for thought leadership, one-on-one networking and engagement opportunities and to learn about the latest industry trends and opportunities in the fracking space. Has small easy-to-transition staff and phenomenal growth.

Unique opportunity to acquire this leading organization with opportunities for international growth in its conference series, along with further expansion of its webinar series and newsletter. Contact Marlon Wurmitzer at or +1 (416) 876 – 6761.

First time to the market – 75 year old leading publication serving the gas market

Industry: Aftermarket Gas

Type: Acquisition

For sale is a 75-year-old leading digital and print publication serving the Butane and Propane Industry being offered – for the first time – to strategic buyers.

BPA Audited circulation of over 45,000 dedicated subscribers with research to back up their loyal following – this publication is THE source industry executives, decision makers and insiders turn to for their multi-billion dollar industry news, education and information.  Impact on major U.S. industries including, Auto, Home, Trucking and Government both at State and Federal Level.

Editorial expertise built in.  Turnkey operation with easy transition to add-on to existing media portfolio.  Huge opportunity to acquire roll-out digital assets by leveraging best content and long standing advertiser relationships.

To receive additional details regarding this opportunity please contact Jeff Gruenhut at or (404) 849-4156.


Events, Conferences and Media in Construction Market tied to Healthcare, Restaurants, Retail and much more

Industry: Renovation & Construction

Type: Acquisition

The top B2B media and events company serving the Commercial Construction market is for sale.  The acquisition includes monthly summits, Annual Conference along with content rich media dedicated to serving the needs of the market.   Majority of revenue achieved in Conference/Show side of the business.  Established presence in the market for 15 years this business is engrossed with its customers and primed for digital and exhibitor growth.  The brands reach key players – for example in Healthcare, Retail, Government, Architecture and General Contracting.  Unique opportunity to acquire this leader in its fields.

To receive additional details regarding this opportunity please contact Jeff Gruenhut at or  (404) 849-4156.

Employment Services

Midwest-based employment services company

Industry: Employment

Type: Acquisition

A respected 20+ year old digital brand with other revenue tributaries is for sale. This acquisition opportunity is for a company that is focused mainly on one Midwest state but it has an opportunity to expand to other states. The business is focused on the employment industry.  It helps employers to find qualified talent –doing everything from the sourcing of prospective employees to even helping clients interview and vet candidates. It has revenues in excess of $1 million and both revenues and profits are increasing. There is also room to grow within its current market as well as product-wise. Contact John McGovern at (917 881 6563) or for all the details.

Industrial Components

Leading Digital B2B Industrial Directory / Information Source

Industry: Industrial Components

Type: Acquisition

A well established, Canadian market-leading information source for industrial products is for sale.  The business has successfully transformed from an industrial print directory–to an online directory that lists over 49,000+ websites that provide industrial products and services including industrial components and parts or all kinds.  This digital media brand has been 100% digital for 10+ years.  Projected Revenue for 2019 is over $460,000 with a profit of just under $190,000.   This acquisition opportunity has multiple products and many growth opportunities.  Contact John McGovern at (917 881 6563) or for all the details.


Media Monitoring Database/Information Service

Industry: Media Monitoring

Type: Acquisition

A well-established media business is for sale.  It specializes in media monitoring of newspaper, digital and broadcast content for large client base. Proprietary technology is also used to digitize and organize newspaper content from over 33% of all U.S. newspapers. The content is then mined to provide custom information to a wide range of B2B clients. This acquisition opportunity is unique because the company also has strong relationships with State newspaper Associations. Annual revenues over $1.4 million with consistent profitability. This is an ideal business to acquire for any media company (traditional or digital)—it has many growth options. Contact John McGovern at (917 881 6563) or for all the details.

Publishing, Media & Information Services

Industry: Publishing, Media & Information Services Industry

Type: Acquisition

For over 130 years the Publishing industry has relied on data, news and information from this source. Over 250,000 monthly readers online and in print. Subscription online database. Engaging and award winning content. Simply the best and most well recognized brand in this space is available for immediate acquisition. Profitable and ready for its next chapter. Perfect opportunity for any media related business to own the industry icon. For more information please contact Jeff Gruenhut or 404-849-4156.


Top events/conference and subscription newsletter business in healthcare/medical

Industry: Healthcare/Medical

Type: Acquisition

Profitable event/conference and subscription newsletter business in strong healthcare vertical in the areas of medical, laboratories, hospitals. Includes event/conference series with main annual and multiple one day events for sale. Excellent opportunity to acquire this leading conference/event business covering topics include laboratories, diagnostics, testing, strategy, policy, regulatory issues, administration. Contact John McGovern (917) 881 6563 JMcGovern@mediamergers.comfor all the details.

Leading healthcare subscription and webinar business

Industry: Healthcare/Health Insurance/Medical

Type: Acquisition

For sale is a profitable, small digital subscription, advertising, membership and webinar business focused on various segments of healthcare including hospitals, payors, insurance plans, purchasers, pharmaceutical, vendors. Opportunity to acquire this top producer of many leading specialized newsletters and other content products.  Contact John McGovern (917) 881-6563 for all the details.

Leading digital/magazine business in Pharma/Biotech

Industry: Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology

Type: Acquisition

Leader in pharma/biotech category with strong print and digital mix is for sale. player with strong top and bottom line growth. Provider of actionable industry news and analysis to scientists, researchers and other R&D professionals in pharma and biotech. Great opportunity to acquire  this market leader with blue chip advertiser and subscriber lists. Contact John McGovern  at (917) 881-6563 or for all the details.


One of the largest summer festivals of its kind in US

Industry: B2C/Consumer/Festivals/Music

Type: Acquisition

Two top summer food, music and entertainment festivals for sale, one of which is the 2nd largest of its kind in the US. Very well-known 3-day event with top sponsors from banking, retail, insurance and the world’s leading beverage companies. Fantastic opportunity to acquire this profitable business with 25 year history of sponsor retention.Contact John McGovern at (917) 881-6563 or for all the details.

Top enthusiast category – digital and print business

Industry: Consumer/B2C/Enthusiast/Hobby

Type: Acquisition

For sale is the leading digital and magazine business for sale in its-Enthusiast category. Healthy revenue mix of subscriptions, newsstand, print and digital advertising and social media, content marketing and marketing services.  Two main brands covering the top two topics in the space. Great opportunity to acquire this profitable business.  Contact John McGovern (917) 881-6563 for all the details.

Quebec-Based consumer event and media company

Industry: Consumer

Type: Acqusition

An established Quebec media company is for sale.  It has both a highly recognized, respected and influential consumer event—and a digital and print guide/ magazine. This is a unique acquisition opportunity because of its niche. The business has consistent revenues in excess of $1.6 million and is very profitable. It’s twice-yearly event brings in roughly $1 million of the total revenue. Contact John McGovern at (917 881 6563) or for all the details.


Growing and profitable event business with 25-year track record of success

Industry: Defense, Pharma, Energy, Finance, Utilities

Type: Acqusition

Industry-leading B2B conferences, workshops and masterclasses hosted worldwide, with substantial U.S. market growth potential. Currently operating 60 events per year focused on Defense, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical – with Defense as the leading sector. Notably strong profitability, a healthy revenue split between sponsorship and attendance, and a best in class leadership team holding 80 years of collective conference industry experience. Unique opportunity to acquire an established and growing business with key relationships, both domestically and abroad, in each of their key sectors. Contact Robert Dippell at 415-845-8362 or for all the details.


Profitable media business reaching over 10 million Military community members yearly

Industry: Active Military, Military Families, Reserve & National Guard

Type: Acqusition

Veteran owned media business with 2 established print publications as well as steadily growing digital advertising revenue. The active duty and Military family focused publication is requested by over 1,300 individual on base units and organizations worldwide. While the Reserve & National Guard publication offers a suite of media products reaching an audience of 5.5M U.S. citizen soldiers across all service branches. Great opportunity to acquire an easy add-on business with uniquely established on-base distribution and growing digital revenue. Contact Robert Dippell at 415-845-8362 or for all the details.

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Media Industry Publishing and Data Business

Energy Industry Conference and Training Business

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